We help retailers meet their digital transformationl goals across all retail sectors and enhance their business's value by leveraging the effectiveness of technology and innovation which support business competitiveness and growth.
Custom retail software development services at Infolead covers software architecture consulting & development, UI/UX design with QA testing & tech support. We help retailers, eCommerce brands, as well as startups, expand their reach with multichannel platforms and online marketplaces that can be easily accessed via web & mobile.

We Develop next-generation ERP software that is cloud-based for in the Retail industry that improves the management of inventory and tracking. Our ERP software assists businesses to stay on top of their game in a rapidly changing industry by automating and integrating business processes

Companies rely on our ERP solutions to attain enterprise-wide visibility through one system that is integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES ).

  1. Production Planning & Reporting Solution
  2. Order & Inventory Management
  3. Supply chain Management
  4. Human resource Management
  5. Accounting
  6. Vendor Management
  7. Warehouse/Depot Management
  8. Analytical Reports
  9. End-to-End Distribution (B2B/B2C) Solution

Infolead has extensive experience providing digital solutions to Retail Industry warehouses as well as logistics administration.

Our Warehouse & depot software solution allows businesses in the Retail industry to increase the accuracy of their inventory and improve visibility across all points of contact throughout the chain of supply.

  1. Multiple Warehouse/Depots: Manage and track activities at multiple warehouse/depots across multiple states/cities using one application.
  2. Inventory: The inventory feature of our software allows you to keep track of the inventory levels at every warehouse/depot. You can also redirect purchase orders when required.

We develop end-to-end solutions for managing distribution of Retail distributors that maximize efficiency and reduce the risk. Our cutting-edge solutions meet the latest distribution requirements by removing information silos and digitizing the company to enable tracking from anywhere on any device.

We facilitate end-to-end tracking by utilizing sophisticated analytics and intuitive dashboards.

  1. Centralised CP
  2. Multi-level Users
  3. Multi-level Stockist
  4. Fleet Management
  5. Dedicated Mobile App for Users

At Infolead, we are excited to offer our comprehensive Dealership/Wholesaler Management Software Services. Designed specifically for businesses in the automotive, manufacturing, and distribution industries, our software solutions are tailored to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

Our Dealership/Wholesaler Management Software Services provide a range of features that empower your business to manage inventory, sales, orders, and customer relationships effectively. With our software, you can automate various processes, track inventory in real-time, generate insightful reports, and optimize your supply chain.

  1. B2B Platform
  2. Sales and Order Processing
  3. Inventory
  4. Accounting
  5. Vendor Management
  6. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  7. Point of Sale (POS)

Whether you're a well-established Retail franchise business or a startup company that is thinking of expanding by franchising your company or an emerging franchisor who has a handful of franchise units, we believe the franchise management solutions built by Infolead will assist you to boost sales, achieve higher levels of satisfaction for franchisees and customers and offer full transparency and reporting to Franchisor as well as Franchisee Management.

  1. Franchise CP
  2. Order Management
  3. Track Inventory & Sales
  4. Analytical Reports
  5. Point of Sale (POS)

As a highly experienced retail software development firm, we provide customers-centered shopping experiences with easily deployable AR solutions for retail & eCommerce businesses. A customized solution based on AR allows your customer to test products at home, in real-time and make purchases with confidence.

CIt improves the shopping experience, which leads to more sales. We can develop the necessary solutions using augmented reality for your business using the following features:

  1. 3d Product Designing
  2. 3d Viewer Integration
  3. Product Configuration
  4. AR live product visualization
  5. Web & Mobile Friendly
  6. AR App Development

We are experts in the development of customized eCommerce solutions that assist retail companies of all sizes to manage their order management, CRM, shipping, retail analytics, and reporting on one centralized system.

The comprehensive system streamlines the process to manage product information, promotions, pricing, shipping, cancellations, reporting, delivery management, and more. With modern analytics, this system allows efficient operations and precise decision-making The powerful components of the customized solution include:

  1. Website
  2. IOS/Andriod App
  3. Content Management System
  4. Product Management
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Accounting
  7. AR Integration
  8. Delivery Management
  9. Analytical Reports

Customers can “explore” an eCommerce site and be immersed in the experience that distractions are almost non-existent. And the best part?

They can interact but also experience Virtual E-commerce stores from their phone, computer, TV & VR Device

  1. Virtual Walkthrough
  2. Virtual Showroom/ Metaverse
  3. WebVR
  4. 3d Product Preview
  5. AR Integration (try on)
  6. Multiple-Platform
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